An Incentives Perspective

December 2022

Once upon a time there was a guild of bakers. Bakers belonged to a kitchen and the kitchens belonged to the guild. They were fortunate enough to live in…
Buried in this tweet by Gergely Orosz is an interesting quote: “Team matching was very frustrating for hiring managers.” Briefly, team matching is the…
Gergely Orosz’s excellent The Pragmatic Engineer substack recently published a couple of pieces on the performance review process at large tech…
Capital Versus Labor

August 2022

I’m your employer. If you live somewhere it costs you $1,000/month to live, then I should pay you less than if you live somewhere it costs you…

July 2022

Unexpected Incentive Misalignment in a Subscription Book

May 2022

“You’re just doing it for the money.” I’ve heard this criticism of technical ideas since, well, ever. It’s laughable, really. If I was coming up with…

February 2022

Do you: Promote people in hopes that they will perform well at the higher level? Wait until you’ve seen consistent performance at the higher level and…
Getting paid, even a little, makes a big difference

December 2021

Context Changes Incentives
"Accountability" Shouldn't Be A Dirty Word